23 February

JCI 2014 Standart Kılavuzu

Özet :

What are the Medical Professional Education and Human Subjects Research Programs standards and do they apply to my organization?

The Medical Professional Education (MPE) and Human Subjects Research Programs (HRP) standards for Academic Medical Center Hospitals were developed and first published in 2012 to recognize the unique resource such centers represent for health professional education and human subjects research in their community and country. These standards also present a framework for including medical education and human subjects research into the quality and patient safety activities of academic medical center hospitals. Unless deliberately included in the quality framework, education and research activities often are the unnoticed partners in patient care quality monitoring and improvement.

The standards are divided into two chapters, as medical education and clinical research are most frequently organized and administered separately within academic medical centers. For all hospitals meeting the eligibility criteria, compliance with the requirements in these two chapters, in addition to the other requirements detailed in this fifth edition manual, will result in an organization being deemed accredited under the JCI Standards for Academic Medical Center Hospitals.

Are the standards available for the international community to use?

Yes. These standards are available in the international public domain for use by individual health care organizations and by public agencies in improving the quality of patient care. The standards only can be downloaded at no cost from the JCI website for consideration of adapting them to the needs of individual countries. The translation and use of the standards as published by JCI requires written permission.

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