23 February

ILO WHO Occupational Safety and Health Profile for Ethiopia

Özet :

The issue of governing safety and health at work on legal basis in Ethiopia dates back to 1940s when the first legal instrument Proclamation No. 58/1945 was promulgated. The origin of this legislation was a result of the advent of industrialization that took place in the country. This legislation was framed itself on the basic principles underlined by the two notable ILO conventions on Labour Inspection. A more comprehensive legislation on occupational Safety and Health management replaced this in 1964 i.e. Proclamation232/1964 in order to address the change occurred. All the laws of that period were adopted from most of the European countries especially of the British taking in to account of the prevailed condition of the country’s industrialization and the pre maturity of the development of Labour administration system. Recent efforts have also been made to bring the legislation in to conformity with the current phenomena and concerns including the principles underlined by international standards. The same effort has culminated in to strengthening the existing legal frame–work with putting in place of more comprehensive and technical legal instruments.

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